About Me

I was born August 11th, 2012 at Cedar Hill Retrievers. I was one of 10 chocolate labs in my litter to my mom and dad Bassil and Violet, both chocolate labs themselves.

My new pets Andrea and Tilden picked me up a day after I turned 7 weeks old and brought me to my new home in Chapel Hill after a quick trip to the Stewart’s farm.

My name Loki (ironically pronounced “low key”) is a family name from my great^347 grandfather, the Norse God. My namesake was the Norse God of “mischief, deceit, and lies.” While many of my pictures are of me sleeping, it is simply because that’s the only time I can be caught on camera because I’m doing my best to live up to the family name 😉

These days I’m just trying to house train my new pets.  They both think they’re smart, but I’m not quite sold on it yet even though ones in grad school at UNC and the other is running his company Green State Power.  They haven’t quite learned to follow all my commands yet, but I’ve got them working on the leash right now. Sometimes I do have to give them a good tug to really get them going though. When they get too unruly – a quick bite and they fall right back into line.

Keep coming back as the paparazzi follows me around, and lets be honest, I’m pretty cute.